VPN Providers List

Here you can find a list of legit VPN providers, most of them assure high connection speed, IP addresses located in different countries, anonymous VPN usage (no saving of activity), no download limit, allowed P2P and filesharing (some P2P servers may not work), and much more. A VPN is a must have tool for online anonymity and to protect your privacy, the right way. We have selected only the best VPN providers out there, so here you go.

Recommended: HideMyAss VPN


One of our favorite VPN provider is HideMyAss VPN for many reasons. To begin, it is the biggest VPN provider on the market (recently acquired by AVG Technologies), it has more than 800 VPN servers, located in 300+ locations, with a total of 100K+ IP addresses. Millions of users are using its VPN software, why ? Because it is really good, it is fast, it has good bandwidth and it works on any device (Internet TVs, games consoles, etc).

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Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (aka PIA) promotes itself as "the only proven no-log VPN service" and is well trusted by thousands of Internet users (including us!) for its reliability in encrypting your connection and providing an anonymous IP to protect your privacy. PIA was choosen by PC Mag as Editor’s Choice for a few years, it has 3000+ servers with very fast bandwidth (we even play gams while using PIA) and it provides very simple-to-use applications for all devices, including Windows, Mac, Apple, Android.

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NordVPN is onbe of the most popular VPN provider in the world! It has 5000+ servers in 58 countries, with a single account you can protect up to 6 accounts simultaneously, the bandwidth is very fast (you can watch streaming videos, play games, listen music, etc) and thousdans of users are recommending it! NordVPN is the fastest-growing VPN provider thanks to all its benefits and features, and this means it is widely utilized by million of users.

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