Hide IP Address Online

Do you want to hide your IP address online ? You need to know that the best method to hide your IP address online is by using a VPN software that can encrypt completely your Internet traffic and effectively hide your IP address. VPN providers are used by millions of users worldwide, they can help you to bypass Internet restrictions but most importantly, they hide your IP address online. The usage is very easy, you pay the monthly subscription, then you install the VPN software and then you insert the credentials, that's all, you can use the PC as you do normally, but your IP is hidden online thanks to the VPN software.


Obviously, there are some free alternative to VPNs, for example web proxy servers (like the one offered by us), or the popular Tor Project, but in our personal opinion the VPN is still the best solution to hide your IP online. Don't forget that the VPN encrypt all the Internet traffic, so hackers cannot steal sensitive information you submit on web forms by sniffing the WiFi connection. How can we tell, the VPN is the swiss army knife against Internet snoopers and it is really a must have nowadays... Hurry up and get it now!

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