Change My Public IP Address

Find instructions on how to change your external/public IP address assigned to your ADSL or WiFi connection. Before we start, you need to understand that there are two kind of IP addresses that can be assigned by your ISP to your Internet connection: static and dynamic. The statis IP address, as the name says, is static and cannot be changed, and it is generally assigned to a business Internet connection. The dynamic IP address is assigned to almost all private/home ADSL users and can be changed easily.

Change static IP address

As I wrote above, you cannot change your static IP address. Of course, you may try to contact your ISP and ask to change your IP address, but it is not always guaranteed that the ISP will agree to do that. To change the static IP address more easily, the only way to do that is by using a web proxy to visit websites or (better) to buy a VPN service that lets you select your new IP address, virtually located in any country. A VPN is also useful to hide your IP address online, encrypt the traffic and protect your online privacy.

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Change dynamic IP address

The task to change your dynamic IP address is really simple. The first option you have is to power off and then power on your modem or router, then wait few minutes and your ISP should assign to you a new dynamic IP address. The second option you have is to use a command-line tool named "ipconfig", present in all versions of Microsoft Windows. To do this, click on Start->Run, type "cmd.exe", then type "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew", wait few minutes and then check if your IP has changed.

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