How to Change DNS Servers

There are a lot of good reasons about changing DNS servers with Google Public DNS or any other fast and secure DNS service. The main reason is that you can browse websites faster, and you can also unblock access to websites that may be blocked in your country or censored by your ISP. There are also other DNS services, such as Comodo Secure DNS, that can improve your online security by blocking malicious websites. Below you can find a detailed guide that shows you how to quickly change DNS servers:

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1) Right-click with the mouse over the network icon:

Network Icon Taskbar

2) Click on "Open Network and Sharing Center":

Open Network and Sharing Center

3) Click on "Change network adapter settings":

Change network adapter settings

4) Right-click with the mouse over your network connection:

Available Network Connections

5) Click on "Peoperties" (you will need to type Admin password):

Network Connections

6) Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" -> "Properties":

Internet Protocol Version 4

7) Enable the option "Use the following DNS server addresses":

Use the following DNS server addresses

8) Insert the new DNS servers IP addresses:

Insert Custom DNS Servers IP Addresses

9) Click the "OK" button to apply the changes:

OK Button

That's all.