About our service

Site2unblock is a completely free and fast web proxy site that allows users to browse a website anonymously, without leaving traces of their IP address on the remote website, because it is the proxy server that establishes the connection with the remote website, and not the user. For this reason, and also for other obvious reasons, make sure to not abuse this service, we will take the needed measures if we notice that an user is abusing of our proxy. If our service is somehow overloaded, you can use other free web proxies.


A proxy server is useful to hide your real IP address, check if a website is accessible, save bandwidth while browsing the web, protect your online privacy by hiding your IP address, and surf the Internet anonymously. Remember, you cannot use a proxy server for illicit purposes or for unethical purposes, all the websites visited by this proxy are logged along with your IP address, so, if needed, we can respond to allegations of abuse.

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