VPN Providers List

Here you can find a list of legit VPN providers, most of them assure high connection speed, IP addresses located in different countries, anonymous VPN usage (no saving of activity), no download limit, allowed P2P and filesharing (some P2P servers may not work), and much more. A VPN is a must have tool for online anonymity and to protect your privacy, the right way. We have selected only the best VPN providers out there, so here you go.

Recommended VPN: HideMyAss VPN


One of our favorite VPN provider is HideMyAss VPN for many reasons. To begin, it is the biggest VPN provider on the market (recently acquired by AVG Technologies), it has more than 800 VPN servers, located in 300+ locations, with a total of 100K+ IP addresses. Millions of users are using its VPN software, why ? Because it is really good, it is fast, it has good bandwidth and it works on any device (Internet TVs, games consoles, etc).

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More VPN Providers

VPN ProviderPrice
HideMyAss Favicon HideMyAss Pro VPN From ~$ 6.55 USD /Month
VyprVPN Favicon VyprVPN From ~$ 6.67 USD /Month
ExpressVPN Favicon ExpressVPN Service From ~$ 8.32 USD /Month
IPVanish VPN Favicon IPVanish VPN From ~$ 6.49 USD /Month
NordVPN Favicon NordVPN From ~$ 5.50 USD /Month
Private Internet Access Favicon Private Internet Access From ~$ 3.30 USD /Month
Hide.me VPN Favicon Hide.me VPN From ~$ 5.41 USD /Month
Unblock-Us Favicon Unlock-Us Smart VPN From ~$ 4.99 USD /Month
PureVPN Favicon PureVPN From ~$ 4.16 USD /Month
SaferVPN Favicon SaferVPN From ~$ 5.99 USD /Month
VPN4ALL Favicon VPN4ALL VPN From ~$ 5.80 USD /Month
IronSocket Favicon IronSocket Private VPN From ~$ 4.16 USD /Month
CyberGhost VPN Favicon CyberGhost VPN From ~$ 5.83 USD /Month
SwitchVPN Favicon SwitchVPN From ~$ 5.95 USD /Month
ibVPN Favicon Invisible Browsing VPN From ~$ 4.95 USD /Month
CactusVPN Favicon CactusVPN From ~$ 4.99 USD /Month
Overplay VPN Favicon Overplay SmartDNS VPN From ~$ 4.95 USD /Month
LiquidVPN Favicon LiquidVPN From ~$ 6.00 USD /Month